What I am not

I am Not Your Companion or Rent a Friend. I am your coach not a friend or buddy. Good friends are important and are necessary in your life. You are hiring me to help you build resilience, rebuild self, restore well being and flourish in your new and different life. I take that very seriously.

I am Not a Psychotherapist or Social worker. Psychotherapists and Social Workers are very important when you need to look at and resolve your deep seated issues. I focus on personal, emotional and mental growth. I focus on cultivating your resilience right now and into the future, because that is important to you.

I am Not a Personal Trainer. That is someone who meets clients at the gym in order to help them get in good physical shape. I do, however, help you develop a healthy mental and emotional state, create action plans and facilitate your progress, (it may include health and fitness). What you want is is important to me and ultimately to you.