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World Cancer Congress 2012
Abstract Presentation “Life Coaching: The Missing Piece in Cancer Survivorship Care Planning”



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It’s Not My Diagnosis, So Why Am I Grieving article co-written by Sharon and her Cancer Survivorship Coaching Coalition Co-founders published in Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, pge. 16, Summer 2012

Grief – The Unspoken Side Effect of A Cancer Diagnosis article co-written by Sharon and her Cancer Survivorship Coaching Coalition Co-Founders published in Coping with Cancer Magazine, July/August 2012. Click here for downloadable article.

Read ‘Know Thyself’ article originally published in Coping® with Cancer magazine,
January/February 2011 This article is a featured homepage article the week of March 29, 2011

Why Grief is Good –
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Creating a Live Tag Mentality –
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Life Coaching To Help Clients Thrive As They Face The Adversity of Cancer –
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