Everyday Adversity, Stress and Other Tough Stuff

Coping with Everyday Stress Everyday stress can feel like the weight of the world on your shoulders, wearing you down. It’s frustrating and overwhelming and hard to carry around all the time.

Stress is your internal reaction that feels like you can’t breathe, like you lack time for anything and are tired all the time. It’s your response when you spill your coffee, when your kids are fighting, or you’re stuck in traffic and will be late for work. It’s how you respond to life’s unexpected situations. How you deal with everyday stress impacts your overall physical, emotional and mental state of being.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be due to a lack of resilience.

You may have no control over external events or factors, however you can build up or cultivate your internal resilience to be adaptable and have balance in your life.

Cultivate YOUR resilience to conquer Everyday Stress.

It is vital because it helps you to reduce the emotional and physical effects of time crunch, overload, edginess, financial pressures, unexpected changes … you know the list.

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I have been working 1:1 with Sharon over a year and what a difference! I took the resilience assessment and I was better able to see who I am when I am at my very best and what happens to me under stress. What an invaluable tool! I can’t wait to take it again to see all of the changes. – Anonymous