One-On-One Coaching and Team/Group Support

Coaching, Like Adversity, Comes in Different Forms

Adversity appears in our lives through a variety of different things like divorce, grief, illness everyday stress and more. In like manner, individual needs in the face of those adversities can vary from situation to situation. That’s why Good Grief Coaching recommends several different forms of support for developing a set of skills to deal with, adapt to, learn from and become stronger despite the challenges we face. This assistance can lead to emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, ultimately helping one to become a healthy, happy, whole human being once again.

One-on-One Coaching Cultivating Resilience

Cultivating resilience is a very personal experience and can be accelerated through one-on-one support. All of my clients choose how they would like to structure their coaching option, whether it’s every week, every other week, every three weeks or once a month. My clients are involved in their fee structure too.  Included in this offering is unlimited email support, because life happens in between sessions.

Coaching Group Resilience

Small group program is designed for people feel stuck and are unable see past their setback. The key component of this offering is for individuals to interact and create a new system of support whil developing their personal skills that help build resilience.

Coaching Team Resilience

To amplify and accelerate progress at work and school, Team Resilience Coaching cultivates high-level performance. The objective of this offering is to create a resilient individual, one who can handle all the commitments and challenges they face while performing at their optimal level.

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