About Sharon

Certified Professional Coach

While scheduling her preventative double mastectomies, Sharon’s breast surgeon remarked, “You win the prize for the most women in a family with breast cancer.” Sharon replied, “Nine is a lot. Well, if this is the ‘boobie’ prize, then I hope this operation is for free!” This embodies Sharon’s spirit, her outlook on life and her attitude when it comes to being a certified professional coach. When getting the boobie prize…laugh at it.

Sharon’s personal losses have shaped her life and her business. It started way back when she was 18, when her girlfriend was murdered 3 days before their high school graduation. She went on to experience job loss, death of her mother and 2 best friends, a painful divorce, single parenting to her children (one a special needs child on the autism spectrum), the loss of her breasts as well as many other significant life changes.

Life happened, and Sharon figured out that she could either crawl up in a hole, or she could dig herself out of it, work through the incredible pain, and grow from it. Needless to say, Sharon has recreated her life many times. In fact, she now says that she passed the test and has received her QBE. Qualified By Experience Degree.

After being laid off from her full time job, her first thought was to call her husband to make sure they could keep the cleaning service. With that off her plate, she walked forward, away from her thriving career as an art director to create more meaning and purpose in her life.

Sharon went after and received her ICF (International Coaching Federation) certification in coaching. She also has her advanced certification (ACC) through the ICF. Sharon has completed a Certificate of Specialized Training, in Grief Following Trauma, from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF). Sharon also has a BFA from Pratt Institute. With the total support of her husband, she combined her education with her life experience and is the head honcho of GoodGrief Coaching.

Sharon brings her love of giving, her drive to help and compassion for others to help people who have experienced life stressors or life changes whether through a divorce, illness, living losses like mental illness or autism, the death of a loved one, etc. Sharon helps you cultivate mental and emotional resilience and supports you through life’s adversities, to rebuild self, restore well-being and free up the joy and happiness that you desire.

Although Sharon at 3 years old would hide in the corner at nursery school, she is now a motivational speaker and writer. She is a co-author of How to Survive When Your Ship is Sinking, her articles can be read in Coping with Cancer, Breast Cancer Wellness, Open To Hope and DivorcedMoms.com and you can hear her interviews and co-host gig on W4CS Everything Cancer radio.

Sharon has partnered with many organizations including Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Gilda’s Club of South Jersey, Cancer Coalition of NJ, Multiple Myeloma Support Group Philadelphia PA, Family Resource Network, Kennedy Hospital, MS Society, The Center for People in Transition of Gloucester County, National Caregivers Association, Camden County Women’s Health Fair, Mind Body Spirit Convention, Ocean County Guidance Counselor Association and Camden County NASW Chapter.

Sharon is also a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation), NJ Professional Coaching Association and the Philadelphia Area Coaching Alliance. She also volunteers with iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) for coach training programs.

Yes, Sharon has spare time and she spends it with her 2 legged favorites – fabulous husband Isaac, her young adult son and daughter, her step daughters and her close friends – as well as her 4 legged pets.

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  • Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, 2009
    International Coach Federation [ICF] Accredited Coach Training Coach
    Certified Professional Coach
  • ACC: International Coaching Federation, Associate Credentialed Coach, second level coach, 2011
  • PCC: International Coaching Federation, Professional Credentialed Coach, third level coach, 2014
  • Certificate of Specialized Training: Grief Following Trauma, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, 2011
  • BFA: Pratt Institute, 1982
  • QBE: Qualified by Life Experience, 1960

My Great Quotes

“Your only a victim if you choose to be, change it.”

” Life can be like a Jersey Circle, always going around and around. Choose to take an exit.”

“It’s ok to look back to figure out what you want to take from it, you don’t have to go back.”

” If you are going to compare yourself to someone don’t do it to shame yourself, do it to empower yourself.”

“Go to sleep, you can reboot in the morning.”