Adversity Bio

Reacting to AdversitySeptember 1963: Sharon experiences adversity early on, when she gets dropped off at nursery school by her stressed-out and tired mom. She hides behind the teacher’s skirt and feels that her life is over. What did she know she was only 3?

1977: Sharon’s first boyfriend dumps her. She pretends it’s no big deal, but inside it’s the worst pain imaginable.

June 1978: Sharon’s childhood friend is found brutally raped and murdered 3 days before graduation.
Overcoming AdversityShe is shocked to the point where she shows absolutely no emotion.

Spring 1979: After a hot and heated relationship, Sharon’s boyfriend decides they should see other people. Sharon is devastated and can’t figure out what happened. So she does what she knows best; she pretends everything is ok. Eventually, she falls into self-development and basically saves herself.

Spring 1988: Sharon’s mother is diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer while she finds out that she is pregnant for the first time. Her self-development skills are totally buried.

Adversity Prepares Us
Spring/Fall 1999:
 Sharon’s son Brandon is officially diagnosed with special needs. She has no time to grieve, she is busy getting him all kinds of therapy.

Summer 1994
: Sharon’s mom dies from breast cancer. She is in deep sadness over the loss of her beloved mother. She comes home from the funeral and shiva to 2 small children and a terrible marriage. She makes up her mind to separate but then bags the idea. Ends up pretending for another 5 years.

Facing AdversitySpring 1996: Sharon gets laid off from her full-time job. She is now is freelancing like a bandit to make income for her family.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter 1999: Sharon separates from her husband who still lives in the home. Enough said.

Spring/Summer 2001: Sharon commits her 10 year old special needs son to a psychiatric ward in the hopes to save him and his young sister, who is suffering along with him. This is the worst pain imaginable. This is a 10+ on the adversity scale of 1-10.  This is Sharon’s pivotal moment in life. She realizes that she needs to change if she is going to help her son Facing Challengesand young daughter survive the nightmare.

Sharon loses her next full-time job as the breadwinner of the family. Her best friend is diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. Sharon decides to take care of her girlfriend while barely keeping the home front afloat. She buys her way out of the marriage by taking on all of the debt. Sharon has fallen into the abyss and works hard to pull herself out.

Early 2005: Sharon’s girlfriend dies from cancer. Just devastated.

Adversity FriendsWinter/Spring 2009: Sharon’s 2 step daughters move in. Big adjustment. However, she is immersed in life coaching, which helps her adjust.

Spring 2009: Another best girfriend of Sharon’s is diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. She is asked to take care of her. Sharon drops everything and spends this time with her dying girlfriend. She surrounds herself with her husband, children and step daughters to support her through this painful time. No words to describe it.

Success After DisappointmentSpring 2010: Sharon’s girlfriend dies from cancer. Relief, sadness and devastation. She has a good support system and skills to lean into her grief and come out the other side.

End of 2011: Sharon has prophylactic double mastectomies. Emotional time. Goodbye girls…hello life. Thank you Isaac, kids, sister and friends.

Early 2012- Summer 2012:
 Sharon’s stepdaughter has fallen into severe mental illness and is suicidal. Sharon is still recovering from her double mastectomies, but uses every contact she knows to put Adversity is the Seed of Opportunitytogether a support plan as well social services for her stepdaughter.

Fall 2012: Sharon’s good friend and business partner is diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoes double mastectomies. Sharon is also having her 3rd surgery on her mastectomy reconstruction. They support each other during this trying time.

January 2014 : Zorro, Sharon’s beloved retriever/lab had to be put down at only 7 years old. Very very sad but very humane.

Never Humbled by AdversitySpring 2014: Sharon’s 21 year old daughter is very ill and is diagnosed with a serious and potentially catastrophic illness. This is another 10+ on the scale of 1-10. Another key moment in her life, and she asks for and receives unconditional support from her key support team as well as riding the emotional roller coaster yet again.

While dealing with her daughter’s illness, Sharon’s now 25 year old son receives notice that his supportive housing voucher has become available. Sharon is now immersed in the process of making it all happen.

Don't Give UpShe is incredibly overwhelmed with both issues even though she has the unconditional support of her husband.

Feb. 2015: Sharon’s husband is diagnosed with stage 0 bladder cancer at the same time her ex-husband is diagnosed with stage 4 bile duct cancer. This is just unimaginable. She is holding up the entire fort at this point. Adversity-palooza.

Sharon’s ex-husband goes home to hospice care, same day her husband has bladder surgery.

Be YourselfMarch 2015: Sharon’s ex-husband dies 3 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. Her young adult children are devastated.

March 2015: Sharon’s 22 year old daughter has an illness relapse. It is what it is.

April 2015: Sharon’s husband starts his preventative cancer treatment. Six more weeks of being on an emotional roller coaster, however she has learned how to ride it more effectively.

The Human Spirit is ResilientOctober 2015: Sharon’s husband slips and falls, tears his quadriceps muscle from his knee and has emergency surgery to repair it. Six weeks of immobility with a long recovery. At least it’s not cancer.

October 2015: Sharon’s first cousin is diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer to the liver, in the same week her friend’s husband and son were killed in a car accident. Incredibly heartbroken. However, her resilience skills kick in.


What is resilience? October 2015: Bianca, better known as The Queen “B” had to be put down due to heart failure and paralysis in her backleg. So much loss in a short period of time. However, you don’t get to choose when it happens, you can only choose how to respond.

December 2015 : Sharon’s husband has a recurrence in his bladder cancer. Oops he did it again. Need to have some levity.

Current: Incredibly appreciative of what she has in her life. Adversity be damned, hello resilience.