Divorce Support, Bereavement Support, Grief Support, Stress Support in South Jersey and Philadelphia

Support & Resilience Coaching for ANY Adversity: Divorce, Grief, Illness, Stress and More

Resilience Coaching for Divorce, Grief, Illness, Stress and Adversities from GOOD GRIEF COACHING:

Good Grief Coaching is a coaching practice that will support and strengthen you through life’s adversities facilitating the cultivation of your CORE RESILIENCE. The aim is to rebuild self, restore well-being and help you flourish in your new and different life. Good Grief Coaching is dedicated to providing support to those experiencing divorce, grief, illness and everyday stress in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas.

I wish we could go through life without adversity. No pain, no crisis, no change. The truth is none of us will leave this world without experiencing grief of one kind or another. Like you, I have faced my own setbacks (better known as adversity). I don’t pretend that they don’t hurt, but I know that they have not and will not destroy me. Your pain, your loss, your inner adversity…doesn’t have to destroy you either. In fact, it can help you, as it has helped me.

Support to help strengthen you during divorce, illness, grief and everyday stressAdversity often activates a strength we did not normally have. – Joan Walsh Angland

RESILIENCE: A learned set of skills to deal with, adapt to, learn from, become stronger and be a healthy happy whole human being from life’s adversities and various forms of grief. [SUPPORT EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, & SPIRITUAL WELLBEING].

ADVERSITY: Events or change in life that cause fear, pain, anger, overwhelm, sadness, suffering and feeling stuck. [DIVORCE, SEPARATION, ILLNESS, LOSS OF A LOVED ONE, EVERYDAY STRESS].

STRESS: An internal emotional response to external factors or events [LATE FOR WORK, TIME MANAGEMENT, KIDS FIGHTING, YADA YADA YADA].

CULTIVATE: The ability to purposefully nurture, build and/or develop yourself  [GROW AND FLOURISH].

Learning how to cultivate resilience to:

  • Be comfortable in your confidence and strengths to face anything life throws at you
  • Build a healthy mindset and heartset to easily get unstuck after experiencing grief and/or everyday stress
  • Refocus your energy forward instead of backward and stop spinning your wheels
  • Build the bridge to your new and different life and feel peaceful, calm and happy

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Wisdom – by Marlene [My Mom]

“Man plans and life laughs right at you.”

“Here’s the deck, now deal with it.”

“Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and put on your big girl panties.”

“You will be ok when you say you are ok and you believe you are ok.”

“Learn to be independent and think for yourself, be self sufficient to know that you can do it alone if you need to.”

“A relationship isn’t just about love and the physical attraction, that subsides. It’s being best friends, having their back and knowing that they have yours.”